You know this Situation?

Do you feel sometimes lonely in selecting culturally valuable gifts? Should your personal environment to get rare and positive objects?

Are there any unique items, precious created by hand?




Yes, is does exist! Not just only sculptures. A piece of nature from windblown trees. Ennobled by Georg Cornelius Freundorfner. Then you will have in your environment a good appearance.

Thats good for your family, for your friends and just as important, for yourself.

And you are gentle to the nature.


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FOTOS von ELENA MENATO - artemenato E-Mail: oder:


Natürliche Geschenke von

Georg Cornelius Freundorfner



Für die Skulptur Romeo und Julia erhielt ich am 10. 6. 2016 in Verona den William Shakespeare - Preis.

400 Jahre William Shakespeare (1616-2016).

In diesem Jahr die 4. internationale Anerkennung.