"Georg C. Freundorfer is a poet in wooden sculptures"

Noel Monzat Centre France 25. 08. 2002 The 6. Salon of sculptures in Pontgibaud


"About his art, I was immediately impressed. Wonderful is the simple design and yet his works are very expressive. His style, his sensitivity and his love in terms of art is felt, both in conversation, as in execution."

Madame Danièle M. CH - Thurgau 2 October 2011 Purchase of 2 Sculptures.


Our visit by George C. Freundorfer and his sculptures has impressed us and has left strong traces of thought.
His sculptures are "inspired" in their appearance and attitude. I know similar works only in Egyptian Art. The ancient Egyptians created "living sculptures". These sculptures were placed in a mouth and eye opening ritual prepared so that they could absorb the souls of people and also of the sacred animals. (Replacement bodies).
There are no other civilizations that could practiced something similar.
The sculptures of Georg are incredibly strong and would be almost alive in its kind. The ancient Egyptians would have joy in his works."

 Fred U. Important collector of Egyptian sculpture. 31. 10.2011  Purchase of 2 Sculptures: Switzerland


"Georg C. Freundorfer knows like no other to document the moods, and the beauty of nature. He integrates these diverse creations unique in its art. Every single production of his sculpture is a unikat of the extra-class. International prizes and awards document the high artistic value of his sculptures and the leading position of the wood sculptor Freundorfner in the heart of Europe. "
Gustaf  G. 2007

Purchase of  1 Sculptur


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Georg Cornelius Freundorfner


Through my works I got the title: "Ambassador of culture in the world" and MAESTRO D’ARTE.


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